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Emmas Lunch

Our Regular lunch becomes “Emma’s lunch” – a contemporary concept for lunch. The dishes remain creative and healthy from regional and sustainably produced products – just as you are used to from us – only the framework changes.

During the week, the world of work sets the pace in our lively city. Many of you spend your lunch break with us and already have the next meeting in mind. That’s why we move with the times to give you a good lunch that doesn’t require long waiting times before and after.

From March 21st, you can order and pay at the bar at noon. Food and drinks will be served at the table as usual. In this way, you no longer have to wait for the service before and after the meal. In this way, each guest can find their own pace – if you bring a lot of time with you, you can still end lunch with coffee and cake.

We look forward to a lively coming and going, which our large guest room makes possible without a reservation. Reservations can be made from 10 people. If you are planning a celebration that should take place at noon during the week, we will be happy to continue to offer menus and service at the table by arrangement.


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